One of the few advantages of age
is that you can report on it with a certain authority;
you are a native now, and know what goes on here….
Our experience is one unknown to most of humanity, over time.
We are the pioneers.
~  Penelope Lively

Profile: Herman Wouk at 100 Years

Remember The Winds of War and War and Remembrance.  Herman Wouk has just published his memoirs, talking about his 100 years in terms of his writings: fiction about the Navy and other military world affairs, like these two popular novels from the 1970s, and nonfiction accounts of his spiritual life as an observant Jew in America. Wouk was awarded the first lifetime achievement award from the US Library of Congress in 2008.

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Writing Exercise

Reflect on the month of March, anticipation of spring as the sunlight increases both in the mornings and the evenings. Take advantage of the multiple meanings of the words ‘March’ and ‘Spring’ in your writing.

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