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My goal for later life is to Age with Spirit. Through daily or weekly writing we learn to attend to the present moment, reflect on our past, and make wiser choices for the future.

My monthly Blog Aging with Spirit will profile older adults who write as part of their vital aging, stories and poems by older adults (from Writing Down Our Years book series and elsewhere), the benefits of writing for self and others, and strategies for facilitating writing.

I invite you to learn more about writing in later life through the Writing Down Our Years book series, Resources, and Blog Archives on this website.

Ellen Ryan, McMaster University


At 77 Growing old is not like growing more like slowing, undergoing long agoing, touch-and-going and foregoing, knowing that what lies ahead will certainly need grace. Barrie Shepherd The Christian Century, 2012 Profile   Olga Kotelko, a former Canadian schoolteacher currently living in Vancouver, turns 95 years of age in March. She is an all-star [...]

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Ellen B. Ryan Ph. D.
Specialist in Aging: Psychology, Communication, Spirituality, Writing Facilitator
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