The Writing Down Our Years Book Series highlights the many ways in which writing life stories can benefit older adults and those with whom they share their stories and poems.

Ellen Ryan, Series Editor

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Writing Down Our Years Book Series

10. Celebrating Poets over 70
9. This Little Light of Mine
8. Looking Through My Grandmother’s Lace Curtains
7. Passing on the Blessing
6. You Grow Out of Winter
5. The Berries are Sweeter Here
4. The Stone Angel Speaks
3. Exchanges Between Us
2. From Me to You
1. It Ain’t Over Yet

10. Celebrating Poets over 70

Celebrating Poets over 70 Marianne Vespry & Ellen B. Ryan, Editors Poems written after the age of 70 selected from 330 submissions by poets ranging in age from 70 to 103 years of age.

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9. This Little Light of Mine: Stories and Poetry from Family Caregivers

This Little Light of Mine: Kathleen M. Banchoff, Editor Illustrated with the photography of Richard and Eleanore Kosydar. Connections between the care-giver and the cared-for go beyond traditional family ties in this collection of caregivers’ stories and poems.

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8. Looking Through My Grandmother’s Lace Curtains: Writing to Reclaim Identity in Dementia

Looking Through My Grandmother's Lace CurtainsEllen B. Ryan, Karen A. Bannister, & Ann P. Anas Writings of individuals with dementia address identity problems, coping strategies, communication suggestions, and advice for others with dementia.

Much of the content in this book is contained in the following article: Ryan, E. B., Bannister, K. A., & Anas, A. P. (2009). The dementia narrative: Writing to reclaim social identity. Journal of Aging Studies, 23(3), 145-157.

7. Passing on the Blessing: Stories, Tips and Tools of a Family Caregiver

Passing on the BlessingKathleen M. Banchoff Stories about caregiving in the writer’s family offer thoughtful encouragement for caregivers, as well as helpful ideas for those who support them.

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6. You Grow Out of Winter: Poetry in Long Term Care

hagens06coverChris Hagens, Andrea Cosentino, & Ellen B. Ryan A resource of poems facilitated in long term care as well as related articles.

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5. The Berries are Sweeter Here: Older Women Writing Together

The Berries are Sweeter HerePaula Papky, Editor Collection showing how a writing group provides novice and experienced writers a trustworthy, nurturing setting for self-expression and dialogue.

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4. The Stone Angel Speaks: Listening to Older Women’s Voices

The Stone Angel SpeaksEllen S. Jaffe & Ellen B. Ryan Overview of writings by and about older women (including Margaret Laurence’s The Stone Angel) showing how stories create meaning and healing and pass on wisdom to future generations. Published as Jaffe, E. S., & Ryan, E. B. (2008). The Stone Angel speaks: Older women’s voices in prose and poetry.

Journal of Aging, Humanities and the Arts, 2, 62-80.

3. Exchanges Between Us: More Intergenerational Connections

ExchangesEllen B. Ryan, Gail M. Elliot, & Ann P. Anas, Editors More stories, letters, and poems by grandparents and grandchildren, including Gerontology students and middle-aged authors.





2. From Me to You: Intergenerational Connections Through Storytelling

FromMeToYou Ellen B. Ryan, Gail M. Elliot, & Sheree D. Meredith, Editors Stories, letters, and poems by grandparents for grandchildren and by grandchildren for and about grandparents.






1. It Ain’t Over Yet: Autobiographical Selections from the Writer’s Cramp Group of Dundas, Ontario

It Ain't Over YetKatie Allen, Editor Selections from memoirs by older adults in a writing support group