Aging with Spirit - Introduction to the Write!Blog

When moving into semi-retirement as Professor Emeritus, I wrote in my journal at length about options for a meaningful new activity - something challenging, engaging, and of service. Write!Blog: Aging with Spirit emerged directly from the passion identified:

To write essays, personal stories and poems about aging, especially about the role of writing in aging with spirit.

Writing facilitates mindfulness and imagination, both of which lead to creativity and understanding of oneself and one's place upon the earth. May we all continue learning about writing as an important pathway to choices for aging with spirit.

Ellen Ryan

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Ellen Ryan, webhost:
Dep’t of Health, Aging and Society, KTH – 226, McMaster University Hamilton, ON L8S 4K1
(905) 525-9140 Extension: 27227
Ellen B. Ryan Ph. D.
Professor Emeritus,
McMaster University
Specialist in Aging: Psychology, Communication, Spirituality, Writing Facilitator
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