Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth
find reserves of strength that will endure
as long as life lasts.
~ Rachel Carson

Aging in Community News

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In France, a Retirement Co-op Ensures Seniors Are Not Treated as Commodities


Resilient Aging News

Using the Arts to Promote Healthy Aging

Writing Exercise

Spring forward at the vernal equinox! Write down memories of walking, running, skipping, jumping as the weather warmed up and flowers began to colour the landscape.  How has the increasing light and time in the fresh air made you feel? With whom have you enjoyed these changes?


Book Review

The Spirituality of Age:
A Seeker’s Guide to Growing

Robert L. Weber & Carol Orsborn; Park Street Press, 2015.

The collaborating authors introduce their new vision of aging as the path to spiritual maturity. They then respond in turn to each of 25 questions which they devised along five intriguing themes: What is spiritual maturity? What is spiritual awakening? What is freedom? How can we become more fully ourselves? What is the value of aging to society?

Throughout the book, the two American authors each weave their individual expertise and spiritual views with personal experiences as they tackle these profound and timely questions.  Bob Weber, a university-affiliated clinical psychologist and a former Jesuit, hosts the website: ContemplAgeing. With a doctoral degree in psychology of adult development and studies in spirituality and religion, Carol Orsborn has published numerous books for aging boomers including Fierce with Age and The Art of Resilience; and she hosts the website: Fierce with Age.

The Socratic method forms the base for the book – and implicitly invites the formation of discussion groups.  The resources range from classic religious and spiritual sources to contemporary aging & spirituality works, adult development and health psychology, gerontology, memoir, and poetry.  To further support individual and group engagement with the material, the Appendix provides 12 extended exercises to explore spiritual aging and the annotated recommended reading list offers a rich menu of further options.

Click here for the full review: WeberOrsborn15SpiritualityAge


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I bid you adieu,