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Jockie Loomer-Kruger is a folk artist, residing now in Kitchener Ontario, originally from the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.  She grew up in a storytelling family and a storytelling community. She says “what keeps her most young-at-heart is the unceasing flow of creativity.”

Having published personal essays and poetry, Loomer-Kruger has just written her first book Valley Child – A Memoir. Childhood memoirs are elaborated by (or even emerge from) appealing, colourful folk-art images of herself, usually with her sister. The textured impressions highlight the distortions in a child’s interpretation of the physical and social world.  Words and illustrations join together to create lively three-dimensional scenes emphasizing childhood innocence, misbehaving, learning rules, and learning nuances. Realistic dialogue and final comments from the narrator create both immediacy and universality.

To view ValleyChild1CoverJPGthe folk images or order a copy of Valley Child, visit Jockie’s website.




Book Note

Carol Shields’ daughter and grandson have edited selected writings held by the Canadian Archives in Ottawa to present the beloved deceased author’s teachings on the practice of writing.  This rich resource for older people writing for themselves and others is introduced by the poignant story of the grandson coming to understand his grandmother as author and teacher.

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Book NoteSankovitch14-signedsealedeliv

Signed, Sealed, Delivered:
Celebrating the Joys of Letter Writing

Nina Sankovitch; New York: Simon & Schuster, 2014

Memoir of a quest through the history of letters, discovered set of 100-year-old letters, and the author’s own personal correspondence to discover and celebrate what is special about the handwritten letter.

Resources on Letter Writing

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Letters of Note, by Shaun Usher, 2014

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Writing Exercise

Write about finding old letters in the attic or the basement -a family member’s experience, your own experience, or your imagined experience. What do you learn about the writers and the recipients in reading these letters and what do you wish you could learn?

Also, in this season’s holiday letters, try to include brief specific reminiscences with a few telling details.

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