By sharing common space, pooling and sharing resources,
and fostering reciprocity and mutual support,
we give up some privacy and the illusion of ‘independence’
in exchange for deeper human connections
and potentially a more meaningful quality of life.
~J. Stambolian & J. Blanchard

Aging Together – Our Aging-in-Community Group

Our Aging Together group is collaborating with Pastor Loretta Jaunzarins of Grace Lutheran Church to develop an interactive resource Hamilton Aging-in-Community Website.

This website project has emerged directly from community panels hosted by Aging Together in each of our three years.  The project will be informed by and support the Hamilton Age-Friendly Plan and the recently funded multi-agency New Horizons initiative “Hamilton Seniors Isolation Population Impact Plan”.

We intend to help church/faith groups to learn about the Halton HomeShare Toolkit and how to facilitate home-sharing and other mutual support strategies among their low-income congregation members. Working through the existing social ties and ongoing support within faith communities can make for good matches and sustained home-sharing. The website will link to regional services for seniors and offer an opportunity to share church-based strategies for connecting socially isolated seniors within community.

An inspiration to us, Parker Palmer (a spiritual leader for intentional communities over many decades) writes in his 2016 essay: Thirteen Ways to Look at Community that
Community is not a goal but a gift to be received.

Aging in Community Books

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Aging in Community News

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Aging & Writing News

Alzheimer’s Patients Keep the Spark Alive by Sharing Stories

Collaborative Writing Exercise

In a small group, use index cards or sheets of paper. Each person writes two lines to begin a haiku (focus on nature). Pass the cards to the right. Each adds a third line to the lines received.  Read aloud the collaborative poems.

If you choose a specific theme (e.g., September or trees), then the individual poems might combine well into a longer, group reflection.

Conferences and Requests for Submissions

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