Imagination grows by exercise and, contrary to modern belief,
is more powerful in the mature than in the young.
~ W. Somerset Maugham

Flower Talk – Writing Fiction based on Memoir

I recently published my first short fiction Flower Talk.

I had learned to write dialogue in a six-week writing group in Florida last year and tried my hand at this new genre.  The story incorporates my focus on intergenerational communication into a brief narrative based on tales told by my husband’s Aunt Rita (Sr. Rita Ryan). The nuns learned many cultural, survival, and funny lessons as their convent took in refugees over the years (Vietnamese, Central Americans, Mexicans, Cambodians, Croatians, Muslim Serbs, etc.)

This taste of writing fiction helped me to see how novelists and short story writers use their own life experiences and those they have heardabout or observed. These experiences both propel their stories in the first place and provide many realistic descriptive and episodic details.

See my Writing & Creativity Bibliography for more information.

Poem on Aging with Resilience

I have posted my recently published poem Struck by Lightning.

Aging in Community

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Healthy Aging

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Writing Exercise

July is a time for summer travels – either to visit family, tour new sights, or entertain children; either a short distance or far away; either for two hours or for a week or a month or more.

While traveling, jot down notes about an interesting view or expression on someone’s face or a weird sign.  Afterwards reflect on where you’ve been and its surprises – making use of your specific images.


With this unselfie shadow photo,

I bid you adieu,