Meaningful creativity, service, and engaged generativity
often take us to states of being in which we feel alive,
full of joy, and inspired.
~ Angeles Arrien

In her new book The Power of Meaning: Crafting a Life That Matters, Emily Esfahani Smith shows us how we can create meaning through four pillars, by

cultivating our connections to others,
clarifying and working toward a purpose,
telling stories about our place in the world,
and seeking out mystery.

See Smith’s engaging  TED TALK: There’s More to Life than being Happy  

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Civic Engagement for Writers

Follow the authors above and start listening to elders. You can record their advice for young people regarding love, careers, civil discourse, family relationships, etc.  Or, you can gather a few together for a writing group – perhaps creating a collaborative poem on one of these topics.

With this reflection photo,

I bid you adieu