Have I told you how creative you are?
Barack Obama

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Granny Pods Popular Housing Alternative

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Book Review

Book Notice

Of Thee I Sing: Letter to My Daughters
Barack Obama; Loren Long, Illustrator;
Knopf Books, 2010.

While Barack Obama was president of the USA, he published this magnificent children’s book with an engaging illustrator.  This delightful “letter to my daughters’ uses an effective affirmation strategy which grandparents everywhere can emulate.

Have I told you lately how wonderful you are? how strong/kind/ creative/ you are?  We writers can learn to write this way to our loved ones, each affirmation offered along with a little story as Obama does.  Obama features Chief Sitting Bull as a healer, Georgia O’Keefe as creative, Billy Holiday for her song (joy and sorrow, deep), Jackie Robinson as brave, Helen Keller as strong.

Writing Exercise

Following the pattern of Obama’s letter to his daughters, write to a grandchild or a young friend. Affirm one of their (emerging) qualities, one after the other, with a brief story or concrete reference for each one.  Send the letter for a birthday or to make an ordinary day special.

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