Ellen Ryan upcoming events:

Gilbrea Aging and Literature Reading/Writing Group 

The Art of Writing Legacy Letters (Ellen Ryan, Facilitator)

Dates: Monday Oct 16 & 30, 1:00-3:00pm

Location: Ancaster Library, 300 Wilson St E, Ancaster

Free parking

Two sessions focus on writing legacy letters. We discuss the art of writing letters, excerpts from published letters, as well as our own goals and strategies for writing letters which ‘recognize, applaud and build on the positive’ across generations.  Within each session, participants will write a draft letter and be invited to read their work aloud.

The group will be facilitated by Ellen Ryan, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Health, Aging and Society. Ellen’s research examines how to foster resilient aging through the decades –from the young old to the oldest old. Throughout her career, she has focused on ageism, disability, and life stories. She hosts the website on Writing, Aging and Spirit: www.writingdownouryears.ca.


*Sessions are free, but require advanced registration by contacting our co-sponsor, the Ancaster Library at  905-648-6911.